Saturday Thrift Gems - Week 1 April 6th 2013

Zalo and I went to Kiwanis last Saturday and picked up some awesome articles of clothing. Zalo picked up a floral Ralph Lauren shirt for $1.50 and a Saks Fifth Avenue jacket for $7. Making his top outfit for $8.50. Aside from a nice pair of Levis and Steve Madden Avanders, this outfit is very affordable for anyone trying to gain the floral look for this spring/summer. 

I picked up a ton of skinny ties for a dollar each. The one I’m sporting in the moto jacket is a knitted custard yellow tie from France. Kiwanis has basically the best prices, but there is a limited amount of things in there because the men’s section is SO small. When we went in we had a game plan, I’d get accessories and Zalo would get shirts and jackets. There are other men in there that we have to compete with so it’s important to move fast. It’s a Dog Eat Dog challenge at the thrift store. 

More to come.


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